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NYC Mayor De Blasio Defies Trump, Sessions And The NYPD

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is gearing himself up for another fight with Donald Trump.

De Blasio sent out a major directive order to senior NYPD officials on March 28 that instructs them to not let U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents onto school grounds unless they have a "valid warrant," the New York Post reports. 

According to the order, "non-local law enforcement officers will not be permitted to proceed" beyond the reception desk at New York City schools. 

The mayor's memo was reportedly certified by Chief of Department Carlos Gomez, and it requires that a senior NYPD official be contacted "if there is a disagreement between a principal and non-local law enforcement officer regarding access to the school or an officer insists/demands access."

Some NYPD officials didn't agree with the order, with one source calling it a "ridiculous" plan. 

"We work with law enforcement. That's our job. ... We're supposed to work together," the anonymous police officer said. 

Earlier in March, de Blasio had announced his plan to keep federal officials out of city schools.

He said: "I know it sounds outlandish, but we are seeing things we have not seen before, and there is a tremendous amount of fear out there."

The directive was made just one day after a Trump Cabinet appointee made a move to strangle pro-immigrant resistance among sanctuary cities like New York. 

On March 28, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a "dire threat" wherein federal Department of Justice grants worth billions would be withheld from uncooperative cities. 

Later that same day, Trump applauded the move during a listening session with the Fraternal Order of Police and directly addressed Sessions. 

"That was a very important thing you did, and frankly, a very popular thing. It's great to have you with us," Trump said.

Sessions had criticized sanctuary cities and several other jurisdictions for not informing the immigration status of lawbreakers to federal agents. At times, they were even releasing illegal immigrants from prison when federal law dictates they should be processed for deportation, he said. 

"Such policies cannot continue," Sessions stated.

"They make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on our streets."

Sessions "[urges] states and local jurisdictions to comply with these federal laws."

He stipulated compliance with immigration laws must be upheld with Trump's Department of Justice if cities are to receive grants through the Office of Justice Programs. 

New York City non-governmental organizations and agencies received more than $40 million in federal grants during fiscal 2016, records indicate. 

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mail  / Photo credit: Bill de Blasio/Flickr

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