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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's SUV Caught Violating Traffic Laws (Video)

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s official vehicles were seen breaking several traffic laws Thursday, just two days after he proposed a traffic safety plan that would target reckless drivers.

De Blasio was in the front passenger seat of the lead SUV captured speeding on video. The car also drove through a pair of stop signs and never signaled when changing lanes.

The total number of violations would regularly result in a suspended license.

The mayor’s office deferred questions of the law-breaking incident to the NYPD, as a member of the force had been behind the wheel at the time. However, de Blasio’s press secretary Phil Walzak noted that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

"With that in mind, Mayor de Blasio is firmly committed to the traffic safety policies outlined this week," Walzak said in a statement.

In a press release of its own the NYPD did not discuss specific tactics of Thursday’s incident, but said that the handling of vehicles transporting a “protectee” is determined by the personal judgment of police personnel.

It is not clear from the footage if de Blasio was aware of the infractions at the time.

Sources: Yahoo, Washington Times


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