NY's Kingsborough Community College Reverses Ban on Pro-Life Magazine


BROOKLYN, NY -- Kingsborough Community College has reversed its ban on student Joseph Hayon's distribution of a pro-life magazine after receiving a letter from the Alliance Defense Fund. On September 24th the Kingsborough Community College, located in Brooklyn, New York, ordered Joseph Hayon to stop distributing copies of Live Action's national pro-life magazine, "The Advocate". Live Action encouraged Hayon to call the Alliance Defense Fund to ensure that his First Amendment rights to freedom of speech were upheld.

On Hayon's behalf, the Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter on March 11th to the Community College explaining that under the First Amendment "KCC simply cannot silence speech because some people find it offensive."

After receiving the letter from ADF, Kingsborough Community College reversed the ban and said it would respect Hayon's right to distribute "The Advocate".

Lila Rose, UCLA student and President of Live Action, comments: "We are encouraged that Joseph used his voice for voiceless preborn children and was not silenced even when threatened. Institutions of higher learning should welcome open dialogue, not suppress it. We are thankful to the Alliance Defense Fund for vindicating Joseph's rights. May more young people stand up and speak out for the rights of the unborn!"

"The Advocate" is distributed quarterly to tens of thousands of students across the country. Created by students, for students, it includes pro-life facts and news, cutting edge research, personal stories, and investigative reporting.


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