NY Rep. Anthony Weiner to Resign


After a tumultuous three weeks of scandal and ridicule, NY Rep. Anthony Weiner has reportedly told friends that he will indeed resign from his Congressional post.

The New York democrat, who was caught sending solacious pictures to various women via social networking platforms then lying about it, has resisted numerous calls from party leaders -- namely Nancy Pelosi -- to step down.

But Weiner has called a press conference for later today in his home district of Brooklyn. At that press conference, Weiner will resign from his post.

According to USA Today: "House Democratic leaders were planning to meet today to discuss Weiner's fate and possibly oust him from his post on the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee if he continued to rebuff the calls to step down."

Weiner had been granted a two-week leave of absence so he could "get treatment" for his online habits. Within the last 48 hours, however, his wife Huma Abedin finally came home from an overseas business trip with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and calls for his resignation intensified.

Weiner, who was first elected to national office in 1998, was once considered a strong candidate for New York City mayor.


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