NY Gov. Cuomo: Soft on Crime, Tough on Gun Rights


By Wayne LaPierre

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a strange answer to the rise in violent crime on New York City streets: close prisons and release inmates, while passing more gun control laws that will prevent law-abiding citizens from defending themselves.

Speaking in Harlem over the weekend, Governor Cuomo said it currently costs $200,000 a year to house a juvenile offender. So he told a crowd, "We're going to take that money and provide it in community-based services so the problem doesn't happen in the first place." What would happen to the violent offenders currently behind bars if the number of prison beds drops? Cuomo doesn't say, but it's likely many would end up back on the streets before their sentences were served. 

And while Cuomo is willing to spend money trying to prevent crime, rather than punishing offenders, he wants to ensure that law-abiding citizens have a tough time exercising their right to self-defense. He also told the crowd, "It has been decades where we have been fighting Washington for sensible laws controlling guns and we need those laws passed and we need them passed now. We're losing too many people out in the streets."

Of course, what he didn't say is that violent crime in this country has been decreasing, while the number of armed citizens who are legally exercising their right to carry has been increasing. Instead of pushing for more laws for the law-abiding, and fewer spaces in prison for the law-breakers, Governor Cuomo should be pushing for legislation that will allow the good people in New York State, in places like Harlem and Hempstead, to protect themselves with a gun. Instead, if he gets his way, New York's going to be a much more dangerous place.


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