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NSA Hiring People From Twitter Page

Twitter is one of the few major social media sites that was not listed as being snooped on by the National Security Agency (NSA).

However, the NSA is on Twitter trying to hire people to spy on others.

This may sound like an easy (and possibly fun) job, but the NSA has some steep-sounding requirements.

On the NSA Twitter page, the agency wants people “who can perform discovery and target technology analysis of digital network and mobile communications” to enlist in its three-year Digital Network Exploitation Analyst Development Program.

“Graduates of this program are aggressively sought after because of their in-depth knowledge and breadth of experiences,” states the controversial government agency.

According to AFP, the NSA also has a four-year program that will produce “an elite group of professional operators with expert abilities in Computer Network Operations.”

The NSA cheerfully tweets: “If you routinely visit network security websites, attend conferences, or maintain your own network we would like to talk to you!”

Don't worry about including your phone number or email on your resume, the NSA probably already has it.

Source: Twitter and AFP


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