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NSA Documents Show Agents Spying On Love Interests

The National Security Agency is supposed to collect data to protect American citizens from security threats. It turns out that isn't the only reason the agency is collecting data.

It has been found that NSA agents have abused their surveillance authority to spy on their love interests, previously referred to as “LOVEINT” or “Love Intelligence,” by the Wall Street Journal.

Recently released NSA documents show that their have been at least 12 cases of intentional misuse by intelligence authorities.

One of the reports shows that an NSA colleague was spying on his foreign girlfriend. Another case involved an NSA spy monitoring the calls of a number she found in her husbands cellphone, suspecting he was unfaithful.

Slate reported last year that six other “LOVEINT” cases were recorded by the NSA. One case revealed an analyst was searching her spouse's telephone records for two years before being told to stop. These are just the reported cases.

The list of NSA documents stem back to 2001. The heavily redacted documents show that this type of spying has been going on for more than a decade.

Source: New York Daily News, NSA, Wall Street Journal, Slate / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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