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NRA Sends Email Alert with False Claims about Universal Background Checks

The U.S. Senate is going to vote on a package of gun control proposals next week, which includes universal background checks.

According to a recent poll by Quinnipiac University, 91 percent of American voters support universal background checks.

In response to the proposal for universal background checks, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has sent out an “Emergency Action Alert” email, which distorts the facts and attacks Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), reports

The NRA doesn't mention that they supported universal background checks in 1999, which the NRA now claims will lead to "gun confiscation."

The email falsely claims that universal background checks will require the federal government’s “approval” and fails to mention that family members are exempt from universal background checks in the Senate gun control proposal.

The NRA email reads:

Next week, your Senators are scheduled to vote on a so-called “universal background check” bill being pushed by lifelong anti-gun zealot, Senator Chuck Schumer. Schumer’s bill would MAKE YOU A CRIMINAL if you simply transfer a firearm to an aunt, uncle, cousin or lifelong friend without the federal government’s approval.

This isn’t about making Americans safer…it’s about leading law-abiding gun owners down the road to gun registration – and ultimately, GUN CONFISCATION – just like we watched happen in England and Australia.” The email then asks readers to call their Senators — and send the NRA money.

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