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NRA Reveals Truth About National Right-to-Carry Gun Bill


There's been a lot of misguided, unfounded, and just plain incorrect information circulating on the Internet lately regarding H.R. 822 -- the "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011."Most of the false characterizations typically come from the anti-gun groups and media.But more and more, a small cadre of self-described "pro-gun" groups continually sound false alarms and "stir the pot" in an effort to be noticed.(And to raise money, of course.)These repeat offenders peddle mischaracterizations as the gospel, and dilute the good work being done to protect the Second Amendment by legitimate groups.

Some of the misinformation borders on ridiculous.One group circulated an email this week (Thursday, October 20) warning readers that, "H.R. 822 could be taken up for a vote as early as tomorrow morning."What the author failed to realize is that "tomorrow morning," (Friday, October 21) was a day the U.S. House was not even in session!Not very confidence-inspiring.

The same group claimed H.R. 822 would include anti-gun amendments that would, in turn, create "disastrous federally mandated infringements on our rights."

But, as we reported last week, the House Judiciary has already considered amendments to H.R. 822, and all anti-gun amendments offered that would weaken or gut the legislation were defeated.

The group even decries a "review" process that they claim will provide "a perfect opportunity for more changes."In reality, this review has nothing to do with adding anti-gun amendments.The amendment only requires a study of the law's effects, which would take place after the law takes effect.

For the record:

H.R. 822 is a GOOD bill and is GOOD for gun owners. 

H.R. 822ENHANCES Americans' right to self-defense by enabling millions of permit holders to exercise their right to self-defense while traveling outside their home states.

There is currently only one remaining state (Illinois) that has no clear legal way for individuals to carry concealed firearms for self-defense outside the home.H.R. 822 would require states to recognize each others' lawfully issued carry permits, just as they recognize driver's licenses and carry permits held by armored car guards.

H.R. 822 DOES NOT:

-- Create a federal licensing or registration system;
-- Establish a minimum federal standard for the carry permit;
-- Involve the federal bureaucracy in setting standards for carry permit;
-- Destroy permitless carry systems such as those in Arizona, Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming.

Again, H.R. 822 is a good bill for gun owners.Don't listen to false claims.Read the bill yourself and READ OUR FACT SHEET to get the facts.


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