NRA: "Fast & Furious" Gun Operation "Bigger than Watergate"


By Wayne LaPierre

I'm glad to see Rep. Darrell Issa agrees with me that a special prosecutor is needed to investigate Operation "Fast and Furious." As I recently told a crowd at CPAC in Florida, Barack Obama and Eric Holder are stonewalling two congressional investigations, shrugging their shoulders and saying, "I didn't authorize it. Don't ask me." Meanwhile, DOJ and ATF employees are being moved back to D.C., where higher-ups can keep a close eye on them. Several of the ATF field agents who first blew the whistle on the scandal say they've been moved to dead-end jobs as retaliation for speaking out.

This is the biggest cover-up since Watergate and it's time to ask the Watergate question: Who authorized Fast and Furious and how high up does it go? Every Member of Congress who cares about truth and justice should stand up and demand the immediate appointment of a special prosecutor.

I'll say this. I believe Operation Fast and Furious is just one part of Barack Obama's agenda to attack gun owners and our Second Amendment rights. Between now and Election Day, I'll be laying out the cold, hard truths about his plans for your guns.


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