'No Gas-Bag Answers': NRA CEO Challenges Obama To One-On-One Debate On Guns


During his final year in office, President Barack Obama has focused on gun control. Obama recently issued an executive order pushing for stricter background checks, better mental healthcare and closing loopholes that make easier to obtain guns. The issue was also a cornerstone during his final State of the Union address. 

Some have been less than thrilled with Obama’s more aggressive stance on gun control, including National Rifle Association (NRA) executive vice president and CEO, Wayne LaPierre, who has invited Obama to debate him on the topic. 

In a video posted on the NRA’s website Jan. 13, LaPierre invited Obama to meet him “for a one-on-one, one-hour debate, with a mutually agreed-upon moderator, on any network that will take it.”

"No pre-screened questions and no gas-bag answers,” he added.

Obama has specifically mentioned the NRA in his speeches on gun control, Fox News reported. Noting that gun sales have risen during his presidency at a town hall meeting after he issued the executive order, Obama said, "Part of the reason is that the NRA has convinced many of its members that somebody is going to come get your guns.”

Sources: National Rifle Association, Fox News / Photo Credit: National Rifle Association, Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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