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NRA on Anti-Gun Activists and Their "Crackpot" Thinking

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By Wayne LaPierre

Last year, Virginia become one of the many states to put on the books a law that allows Right-to-Carry holders to possess their firearms in establishments that where alcohol is served. Throughout the months that the NRA was fighting in Richmond for the bill's passage, the media was serving up a steady diet of insults and lies, proclaiming that if the restaurant-carry bill became law, Virginia would become a more dangerous place.

A year later, crime in establishments that serve alcohol has dropped, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. But even cold, hard facts aren't enough to get some people to admit they were wrong. The newspaper quotes State Senator Donald McEachin, who opposed the legislation from the beginning. He said, "I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that just like drinking and driving doesn't mix, guns and drinking don't mix."

Of course, Senator McEachin didn't mention the fact that those legally carrying concealed cannot drink. And if McEachin really believes that comparison is valid, why on earth hasn't he proposed legislation banning cars from parking outside of places that serve alcohol?

This is the kind of crackpot thinking that passes for serious debate from anti-gun activists and politicians. And it's another reason why it's so important the NRA remains strong. We're going to be working coast to coast in the months ahead to strengthen and secure our Second Amendment rights, and I challenge every NRA member to get involved. Let's make sure that truth and reason prevail over the ignorance of the anti-gun crowd.


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