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Obama Presidency: Not Quite Carter Country II

An odd thought occurred to me this morning. If someone were to have slipped into a coma in 1979 and had awakened today, they'd swear Jimmy Carter had somehow wrangled a second term.

Not since President Peanut Farmer have we been witness to such ineptitude from the Oval Office. While history will no doubt single out the current mishandling of the BP disaster as the point Obamamania jumped the shark, the reality is that line was crossed long ago.

Not long after the media, voters gave B. Hussein Obama the keys to the White House, it became apparent that The One was a work of fiction. Slick sound-bites and feel good slogans of 'Change' can hide the truth for a while, but inevitably there has to be some meat on the bone.

From GM to Health care to Iran to North Korea to the BP disaster, Americans have realized they were duped: they voted for a president and what they got was a teleprompter.

Comparisons between Obama and Carter are everywhere, but there are some distinct - and dangerous -  differences.

I was fairly young when America was Carter Country, but if I recall correctly, Jimmy Carter didn't sweep into office on a wave of popularity that challenged Beatlemania. As damaging as Carter's policies, none marched the United States toward socialism with such vigor. Carter didn't oversee a subversive plan of dismantling private enterprise or demonizing capitalism.

Carter, for all of his faults, never insulted the intelligence of the American public by having the audacity to use an environmental catastrophe as a convenient way of pushing a radical, personal agenda (to bipartisan dismay),

Only Obama would dare equate an oil spill with something as horrific as the 9/11 attacks.

A subtle difference in their foreign policies: Carter turtled in the face of the enemy (Iran), whereas Obama apologizes to the enemy for America's 'mistakes'.

The point of no return is now in the rear view mirror.  No amount of slick speeches or photo-ops will change the fact that Obama has been exposed for who he is: part radical, part socialist, part wimp.

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And, according to a high-ranking member of the Egyptian government, a self-described Muslim to boot(if you can't believe a follower of Islam, who can you believe?).

If the Obama term (singular) in the White House is some twisted example of history repeating the Carter era, then perhaps we can find solace in the knowledge that America was set straight (saved?) with the arrival of Carter's replacement who went on to become one of the greatest president of all time.

2012 can't come soon enough.


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