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North Korea Threatens to "Wipe Out" the U.S.

North Korea is accusing Washington of seeking to "provoke a second Korean War," the Associated Press reports. A U.S. destroyer has been monitoring the Kang Nam, a North Korean ship suspected of transporting illicit weapons, and North Korea has declared that any U.S. interception of the Kang Nam will be considered a declaration of war.

"If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will ... wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all," a dispatch from the official Korean Central News Agency said Wednesday.

North Korea is believed to be preparing to fire short or mid-range missiles in the coming weeks, and has previously threatened to fire a long-range missile in response to U.N. condemnation of an April rocket launch.

Since that time, the U.N Security Council has continued to increase sanctions against North Korea, in response to the reclusive nation’s recent underground nuclear test and trading of banned weapons. These new sanctions have further strained hopes of achieving diplomatic relations, and now South Korea is proposing high-level talks with the U.S., Russia, China and Japan in order to discuss North Korea’s growing aggression.

Efforts to engage North Korea in disarmament talks have been so far unsuccessful.


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