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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Gives Protestors Cookies, Instead of Meeting (Video)

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) recently signed legislation that will severly limit access to abortion for women.

In response, there have been pro-choice protestors outside the governor's mansion. Yesterday, he walked outside and gave an activist a plate of cookies.

“I was like, ‘Me?’ and he nodded,” protestor Jamie Sohn told the News and Observer.

“These are for you. God bless you, God bless you, God bless you,” Sohn recalled Gov. McCrory saying.

However, the gift was not welcomed.

Sohn and her fellow activists put the cookies next to the gate of the governor’s mansion with a note: “Gov. McCrory, we'll take women's health over cookies."

During a broadcast on WSOC-TV, news anchor Natalie Pasquarella seemed surprised by the pro-choice demonstrators not being placated by the treat (video below).

According to "If McCrory thought the gesture would make him look like a generous sort who reaches out to people who disagree, then it backfired, and not just because he avoided actually meeting with opponents about the law before he signed it."

Last week, Gov. McCrory signed a bill that will likely force all but one abortion clinic in North Carolina to close.

Sources: WSOC-TV,, News and Observer


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