North Carolina GOP Candidate Compares Food Stamps to Slavery (Video)


North Carolina Republican Greg Brannon, who is running against Democrat US Sen. Kay Hagan, claimed that food stamps were a form of slavery in an unearthed interview from October 2013 with the North Carolina Tea Party.

If elected, Brannon promised to abolish the $76 billion Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, reports Mother Jones (video below).

Brannon also suggested that people on food stamps were not working, but most food stamp recipients have jobs, are children or are elderly, noted

“We’re taking our plunder, that’s taken from us as individuals, [giving] it to the government, and the government is now keeping itself in power by giving these goodies away,”  said Brannon. “The answer is the Department of Agriculture should go away at the federal level. And now 80 percent of the farm bill was food stamps. That enslaves people.”

Brannon did say specifically how people who use food stamps are physically enslaved.

“What you want to do, it’s crazy but it’s true, teach people to fish instead of giving them fish,” added Brannon. “When you’re at the behest of somebody else, you are actually a slavery to them [sic]. You don’t need to have the government come in. That kind of charity does not make people freer.”

According to the Huffington Post, Brannon also opposes public education and has claimed that “all ten of Marx’s planks of communism are law in our land today.”

A December 2013 poll from Public Policy Polling showed that Brannon leading Sen. Hagan by 45-43.

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