No More Food Stamps For Lottery Winners?


Proposed legislation in Kansas would prevent lottery winners who received more than $10,000 from receiving food stamps or cash assistance.

Republican Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, a supporter of the bill, said she wasn’t aware of any cases in her state where a lottery winner kept collecting government assistance after winning, but similar incidents in outside states prompted the measure.

“This is very important to protect the taxpayers,” she said. 

The bill has not yet been introduced in the state legislature. It would require that state agencies verify the identities of adults in a household that receives forms of assistance such as child care, food stamps, or cash from the government.

People who do receive such assistance would be required to participate in fraud investigations and would be closely monitored.

According to Rep. Dan Hawkins, the bill also reportedly contains “cleanup” language regarding work requirements and cash assistance limits within the Hope, Opportunity and Prosperity for Everyone (HOPE) Act, which was approved last year, reported KCUR. 

The HOPE Act has limited cash assistance to 36 months — down from 48 months. The legislation has also prohibited recipients from using their benefit cards at movie theaters, pools, jewelry stores, tattoo parlors, and other types of establishments. 

Sources: The Wichita Eagle, KCUR / Photo credit: KCUR

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