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No Katrina Relief Noney Actually Went to Lower 9th

Isn't it great all the pitures that we see of New Orleans and how they are coming back .... Bourbon Street and the French Quarter look as good as new, we see construction and determination.

What we don't see is the lower 9th! Why? Because none of the money that was earmarked to 'rebuild LA' went to the hardest hit area, the lower 9th. Only about 30% of those that once lived there were/are able to return. Why? Because they do not have the money to rebuild and no assistance was offered to them, they were the poorest of the poor, so it wouldn't be noticed. In the lower 9th, for every 6 schools that were destroyed, only 1 was rebuilt. This means that some kids can't go to school because they can not afford the commute. Some can't go to school because they are special needs and can not function in a classroom of 40+.

Where did the money really go? It went into the oil companies. Yep, that's right, the oil companies. Because, people would need jobs in order to rebuild and oil companies promised to help rebuild LA. The Governor, Jindal, decided where the money would be best spent. He decided that the poor could help themselves and surely charities would come in and help them, so he redirected the monies to help his political career....oil companies are big donators! Cities relatively unaffected, such as Baton Rouge ( a red city) were given the lion's share. New Orleans (a blue city) was low on the list of priorities.

Isn't it amazing how some people campaign? Take human err and over sight (the breaking of the levees) and blame it all on a natural diaster. Beg the country for mercy and support. When that support rolls in, redirect it to reward those who help you retain power and thumb your nose to those affected by the actual devastation. Continue to extoll your excellence all the while ignoring your populace that has no voice, because, well, they have no voice so they won't be heard!

The Federal government needs to demand an accounting of all the money that was poured into LA in the name of hurricane relief. Everyone, as an American should be outraged that another American city is allowed to live under conditions that the rest of us consider substandard and 3rd world!


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