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no asking if you're gay no need for telling

On policy as it is in are armed services"dont ask dont tell "serves a vital service.Its does not prevent you from living your lifestyle and prevents abuse by gay zealots who would see gay bashing from every thing that does not give them the power base they crave.They will want to attend christmas partys as couples demend benfits of married couples which is still illigal in most states for good reasons and will do everthing to push a lifestye choice.Most of the miltary should be be with out sexual poltics and fear of being treated unfairly becuse your boss is gay. Take the knowlege of some sexual preferance out of the picture and your more likely to be treated fairly in everthing to job promontion to responablities on a day to day basis. Your sexual choices should not be at work,home its your choice but every one suffers when you demand to bring sex to work.


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