NJ Gov. Christie: Not Sure Humans Cause Global Warming


Add New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to the growing list of Republicans who question whether global warming is a man-made phenomenon and just nature working its magic.

The always-blunt Christie was speaking at a town Hall meeting on Tuesday when he was asked about global warming. Christie's office provided The Huffington Post with his full remarks:

Mankind, is it responsible for global warming? Well I'll tell you something. I have seen evidence on both sides of it. I'm skeptical -- I'm skeptical. And you know, I think at the at the end of this, I think we're going to need more science to prove something one way or the other. But you know - cause I've seen arguments on both sides of it that at times - like I'll watch something about man made global warming, and I go wow, that's fairly convincing. And then I'll go out and watch the other side of the argument, and I go huh, that's fairly convincing too. So, I got to be honest with you, I don't know. And that's probably one of the reason's why I became a lawyer, and not a doctor, or an engineer, or a scientist, because I can't figure this stuff out. But I would say at this point, that has to be proven, and I'm a little skeptical about it. Thank you.

However, after The Huffington Post published its story on Wednesday, Michael Drewniak, Christie's  press secretary, added this:

The Governor believes the effects of global warming obviously can be damaging to the earth, which is why we have to continue to monitor its impact and get further scientific evidence.


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