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NJ Gov. Candidate Christie-Youth Cancer Screening Unnecessary


New Jersey’s race for governor is just over a month away, and voters are taking a close look at what candidate Chris Christie would do on key issues like health care. A new video shows that Christie’s proposals could put insurance companies, not patients, first.

Speaking at the Rebovich Institute at New Jersey’s Rider University on Sept. 16, Christie is asked by an unidentified woman how Christie’s policies would affect her daughter.

Christie responds by saying that in New Jersey, health insurance companies have too many mandates for what they have to cover, and younger people, like the unidentified woman’s daughter, don’t need things like cancer screenings. In response, the woman explains that, in fact, cancer screenings for younger people are important:

I actually disagree with that because I happen to know that she’s now at the age where I had my first surgery for cancer.

Christie interrupts her, telling her that she’s an “exception.” That’s Christie’s rationale for discarding the requirement that insurance companies cover cancer screenings: Cancer is rarer in young people. Christie would give insurers free rein to avoid covering life-saving preventative care like mammograms, so that even young people with insurance wouldn’t be able to get such screenings covered.

As Tom Moran at The Star-Ledger notes, Christie’s proposals would allow insurance companies to avoid the consumer protections that now exist for New Jersey families.

Find out more about Christie’s plans for health care at The Real Chris Christie. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is educating union members and their families in the state about Christie’s agenda through direct mail and member-to-member contact.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has endorsed Gov. Jon Corzine for re-election because of his support for good jobs, pensions, preventative care and other priorities critical to working families.


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