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Nightclub Threatened For Refusing To Host 'DeploraBall' (Video)

The Clarendon Ballroom, a nightclub in the Washington D.C area, refused to host a pro-Trump ''DeploraBall'' on Jan. 19 (video below).

DeploraBall organizers and alt-right Twitter personalities Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich allege that the club was pressured to cancel the event by supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, after word got out on social media.

Posobiec, who recently called for a boycott of the new Star Wars film, told WRC-TV: "The minute they did that regarding our event, they got a slew of comments and negativity regarding us, and regarding our event, and almost immediately after that, the Clarendon Ballroom called and canceled our arrangement."

However, the club rebuffed that claim in a statement:

Claims that the Clarendon Ballroom canceled the DeploraBall because of political press are are not true. We cannot cancel an event that was never booked. There was never an in-person meeting with organizers, never a hand shake and definitely not signed contracts or deposits

The Clarendon Ballroom said it was shocked to learn that 500 tickets had been sold for the event, which had not been approved.

The nightclub also said in its statement: "Clarendon Ballroom made the business decision not to issue that contract due to the suspicious actions of the organizers."

The venue felt the brunt of alt-right social media attacks that called for people to post bad online reviews about the club; there were also threatening phone calls.

Cernovich posted a periscope video on Twitter where he said: "If people want to call the Clarendon, and ask why they're discriminating against Trump supporters, then that is clearly within your First Amendment right."

The management of the Clarendon Ballroom called the police over the threats, and asked its supporters to write good reviews online.

"I have literally spent my entire day blocking people and deleting hundreds of slanderous, dangerous, vulgar and threatening posts and tweets, answering threatening phone calls and watching my first ever Twitter War," Clarendon Ballroom Operations Director Adrianne Freshman wrote in an email, according to WRC-TV 

The DeploraBall is looking for a new location, and states on its website: "The best response to an insult? Embrace it. So yes, We the Deplorables are celebrating our new found infamy by holding an Inaugural DeploraBall."

Sources: WRC-TV, / Photo Credit: WRC-TV via YouTube

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