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Nigerian Lesbian Posts Video Plea For Asylum, Facing Death or Prison if Deported (Video)

A Nigerian woman has posted a video pleading with the U.K. to grant her asylum. The woman is gay and faces a prison term or death sentence if deported back to her native country.

Apata Aderonke Adejumoke, 46, tells how she came to the U.K. a decade ago seeking asylum, having been sentenced to death by stoning under Sharia law. She was never granted it, and now she faces deportation. Even if the Islamic court’s sentence doesn’t hold, she still faces up to 14 years in prison under a secular antigay law passed this year in Nigeria.

Adejumoke describes how her former girlfriend was murdered in Nigeria in 2012, the work of violent vigilantes.

But to be granted asylum, Adejumoke says, she has to “prove” she’s a lesbian. According to U.K. immigration procedures, asylum seekers who say they will be persecuted for being gay must answer invasive questions about their sexuality and history. U.K. Home Secretary Teresa May announced recently that the system would be reformed.

Adejumoke says she doesn’t have time to wait.

There is currently a Movement for Justice petition that can be signed on the woman’s behalf.

Sources: Advocate, Upworthy


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