Gingrich Would Hurt Trump


Jesters craving an even more ridiculous Republican nomination in this election year may get their wish soon.  Analysts speculate that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could appoint Fox News commentator Newt Gingrich as his running mate before the national convention, a move that would take the cake as Trump's worst decision to date.

If the Republican Party has any hope of salvaging a victory in November, representatives would be wise to steer Trump away from adding Gingrich to his ticket.

According to CNN news, Trump has repeatedly said that he will seek a running-mate with extensive political experience to help him form relationships with members of Congress. He has noted that such a candidate would prove more useful than a businessman like himself.

Despite Gingrich’s experience as Speaker of the House, the two high-profile, infamous conservatives are too similar to put together a successful team.

In reality, Gingrich is a businessman, just like Trump.  Forbes reports that Gingrich’s net-worth is about $6.7 million.  Additionally, Newt Inc., a collection of for-profit companies started by Gingrich and his wife, has brought in $100 million in revenue. 

Business transactions are not a bad thing.  A firm base of economic knowledge is essential for any political leader. 

Trump needs to be smart, though, and recognize that he has been involved in more money exchanges than probably any presidential candidate in history.  Choosing a running-mate with a history in business would not be advantageous for someone who receives regular criticism for an intense interest in making money.

Trump also receives criticism for being dishonest, especially recently with respect to his tax returns, adding to the list of similarities between Trump and Gingrich.

Records from The Washington Post show that Gingrich became the first Speaker of the House to receive punishment for “ethical wrongdoing.” In 1997, Gingrich was responsible for actions that violated federal tax laws.

Though Gingrich’s actions and punishments are a thing of the past, the 2016 election has revealed Americans’ apparent obsession with scandals of the past.  Adding a history of dishonesty to an already questionable Republican ticket would not be a wise move for Trump.

Since leaving the House of Representatives in 1999, Gingrich has maintained relevancy in political news. As a commentator and reporter on multiple news channels, he has become, arguably, more of a face for TV than a political figure.  Does this sound like anyone else we know?

Though Fox news has suspended Gingrich’s contract for the time being, the image of a news correspondent and former star of "The Apprentice"taking on the Oval Office might be too much for the American public.

The only difference between Gingrich and Trump lies in their original thoughts on free trade.  While Gingrich spearheaded trade agreements during his time on Capitol Hill, Trump has stated, without haste, that the North American Free Trade Agreement represents “the worst deal” in American history, according to POLITICO.

Of course, a recent email from Gingrich to POLITICO renders this difference irrelevant.  Gingrich, a long-time supporter of free trade agreements, appears to have changed his mind to agree with Trump’s persistent opinions.  One can only assume that this transition has something to do with Gingrich’s hopes to join the 2016 presidential race as a candidate for vice president.

A Trump-Gingrich campaign presents trouble for the Republican Party. But hey, maybe a spot on the more-than-financially-stable Republican ticket could help Gingrich finally accomplish his dreams of establishing a colony on the moon.

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Sources: The Washington Post, POLITICO, Forbes / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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