Newt Gingrich Security Team Harasses Ron Paul Supporter


A report on Yahoo! News claims Newt Gingrich's security team harassed a Ron Paul supporter in Florida on Tuesday, literally stepping on his bare toes.

The report said after voting in Windermere, 29-year-old Eddie Dillard decided to do some campaigning for his chosen candidate. So he set himself up on a street corner with a Paul sign.

Unfortunately, it was the same corner on which Gingrich had planned a campaign stop. Gingrich got there and went ahead with his plans, shaking hands in the shadow of the Ron Paul sign.

Yahoo! writes:

Noticing the awkward optics, Gingrich aides and security personnel swarmed Dillard, trying to intimidate him into moving. One of Gingrich's security agents stepped in front of him. When Dillard didn't budge, the agent lifted his heeled shoe over Dillard's bare foot and dug the back of it into his skin, twisting it side-to-side like he was stomping out a cigarette. Shocked, Dillard kept his ground and took a picture of the agent with his phone, which was quickly knocked out of his hand. Dillard slipped off his flip-flop to pick up the phone with his foot, and a Gingrich supporter kicked the sandal away.

"Just block him!" a Gingrich campaign aide said. "Everyone step on his toes!"

The campaigning went on with supporters attempting to block out the Ron Paul sign with a Newt Gingrich sign.

After it was over a Gingrich aide whined to Dillard, "If we did this to you, you guys would be furious.

Dillard was left with his sign and a bruised foot.

"That was really something," Dillard said. "My heart's racing. Not what I expected to happen today."


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