Newt Gingrich Says If Millennials Experience A ‘Major Attack’ They’ll Love The NSA


Conservative pundit Newt Gingrich told NBC News on Sunday that if millennials ever experience a “major attack,” they will change their tune about the National Security Agency.

“The first time there’s a major attack on the United States, all the millennials are going to decide they really want the government to protect them,” Gingrich told “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

However, the majority of voting-age Americans, including millennials, are old enough to remember 9/11. Some millennials were teenagers when he became Speaker of the House in 1995.

The Millennial generation, or Generation Y, includes those born from about 1982 to 2004, and while someone 32 years old may not have a lot in common with someone who is now only 10 years old, generations are always characterized by a 20-year period.

Gingrich accused millennials of astounding “arrogance.” He says that young people are wrong to praise NSA leaker Edward Snowden and condemn the NSA’s mass surveillance of Americans.

“The core idea here that one person has the right to judge very complex issues more than the commander in chief, more than the Congress, more than the Secretary of Defense, is an act of such extraordinary arrogance that it threatens the very fabric of our national security,” he said. “The precedent he sets, if we decide it’s okay to be a Snowden, then we are really going to have dramatically crippled our capacities.”

Sources: Mediaite, National Review


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