Newt Gingrich, presidential wannabe who can have three marriages, but thinks gays should get none


Newt Gingrich is running, officially, for president. Well, he's been running for president since he was a little kid and dreaming of divorcing his first wife while she was in her hospital bed, while being evaluated for cancer. Suprirse, he accomplished that act! He is on his third wife now, the first two divorced. In fact, wives two and three were those he was having an affair with, while married to a previous wife. By the way, Newt is running as the Family values candidate. He is also opposed to same sex marriage. That is right, he wants to save gays from having to get two, three or heck, maybe even four marriages. Why does someone like Newt, who has made a mockery of the idea of marriage, think he has a right to tell gays and lesbians they cannot marry? What example has he ever shown that would lead one to conclude that he should be listened to on this issue? Simply, none.


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