Newsweek Calls Pres. Obama 'The First Gay President'

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Echoing President Bill Clinton's nickname of the "first black president,' Newsweek magazine has named President Obama the "first gay president."

Next week's issue of Newsweek features a cover article by Andrew Sullivan, who described Obama as “the first gay president,” and a cover image that shows the president with a multi-colored halo above his head (below).

The Daily Mail reports that Sullivan released a statement about the upcoming article: "When you step back a little and assess the record of Obama on gay rights, you see, in fact, that this was not an aberration. It was an inevitable culmination of three years of work."

"He had to discover his black identity and then reconcile it with his white family, just as gays discover their homosexual identity and then have to reconcile it with their heterosexual family."

On his Daily Beast blog, Sullivan wrote that Obama “will be looking to the future generations, as his opponent panders to the past.”

"I do not know how orchestrated this was; and I do not know how calculated it is. What I know is that, absorbing the news, I was uncharacteristically at a loss for words for a while, didn’t know what to write, and, like many Dish readers, there are tears in my eyes."

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