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Obama Hinting at Gay Marriage Support?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- President Obama may have given a hint April 20 that he will eventually support "gay marriage," but both sides were left trying to interpret what he had said.

Speaking in San Francisco, Obama was making the argument that he needs a second term "for us to finish everything we need to do." Seconds later someone in the crowd shouted "gay marriage," and Obama replied, "our work is not finished."

Was Obama saying that his work isn't finished on legalizing "gay marriage," or was he simply restating the theme in his speech and not directly addressing the person in the crowd?

The incident, reported by the Los Angeles Times, came nearly four months after Obama told reporters when asked about his marriage views that "my feelings about this are constantly evolving."

"I struggle with this," he told reporters at the time.

Traditionalists warn the legalization of "gay marriage" would have a widespread negative impact on society, affecting the tax-exempt status of religious organizations, the religious liberty of private businesses and curriculum in elementary schools.


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