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Footage Shows Successful Airstrike Against ISIS (Video)

This past month, the United States announced plans to use airstrikes against ISIS militants in Iraq to try and stop their heinous actions. Two days ago, U.S. Central Command released a video (below) of one of those strikes in action.

The clip, which is said to have taken place on August 26, shows an ISIS armed truck driving along a road while an aircraft targets its path. Suddenly, just as the truck is getting more in the frame of the target, a missile of some sort hits it and it explodes right there.

“The video depicts a U.S. airstrike against an ISIL armed truck near Irbil on Aug. 26," reads the clip’s description on YouTube.

Based on the video, it appears that the airstrikes themselves are working, and online users seem to be happy about that.

“One minute driving a truck, next minute rotting in hell,” wrote one user.

Others say they are happy to see this action but are hoping for even more action as the operation moves forward.

“Where is the popcorn? They use knifes. We use bombs. Anyone have a problem with that?” asks another user. “I wonder if any of Isis knows that we watch these unclassified videos in our living rooms in our homes. I do wish we could hit the next big meeting of these guys.”

Still, others seem to be criticizing the operation and say they think it will prove to be ineffective.

“So, we're not at war with ISIS but we can blow the crap out of anyone in their territory?” asks a different commenter. “Pinprick strikes do nothing but piss these morons off even more. What an absolutely ineffective policy by our ‘president’.”

Take a look at the airstrike video below.

Sources: IJReview, Mashable


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