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Witches Cast Spell On President Trump In Manhattan

A group of witches gathered outside of Trump Tower in New York after singer Lana Del Rey asked fans to cast a spell on President Donald Trump.

On Feb. 24, Lana Del Rey shared a photo of herself wearing all black, captioned with a mysterious list of dates. 

"At the stroke of midnight, " Del Rey wrote. "Feb 24, March 26, May 23. Ingredients can b found online."

According to Pitchfork, the dates correspond with the "waning crescent moon ritual dates," which members of the occult observe. Witches around the world have pledged to gather on those dates to cast a "binding ritual" over Trump. 

Many speculated whether or not Del Rey's tweet was in reference to the ritual. Eventually, a representative for the singer confirmed that the tweet was in fact referencing the occult ritual.

At midnight on Feb. 24, a group of witches gathered outside of the president's Trump Tower in Manhattan to perform the ritual.

Only a small group gathered to cast a spell on the president, but photos quickly spread on social media, according to the Daily Mail. Users shared photos using the hashtags #bindtrump and #feb24. 

Instructions for the spell were shared online days prior to the gathering. A Facebook group titled "Bind Trump" was launched for those interested in performing the ritual to ask and answer questions.

The binding ritual includes a prayer for protection, to be chanted by participants.

One refrain of the chant reportedly says: "I call upon you / To bind / Donald J. Trump / So that he may fail utterly / That he may do no harm / To any human soul."

A number of items are required to complete the spell, including a photo of Trump, a Tower tarot card, a small orange candle, a pin, and bowls of water and salt. The pin is used to carve Trump's name into the candle. 

According to the Chicagoist, a group of witches also gathered outside of Trump Tower in Chicago for a similar ritual. The witches wore mostly black, with some wearing capes, and chanted slogans such as, "We usher in the demise of white supremacy," and, "We usher in the demise of patriarchy."

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