New Yorkers Stumped By Trump And Clinton Quotes (Video)

Rikki Ratliff, the producer of "Stossel" on Fox Business, recently took to the streets of New York City to ask people to identify quotes as either coming from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (video below).

For the first quote, “I believe in universal health care,” two women guessed Clinton, but it was really Trump.

The second quote was, “I hate the concept of guns.” A man and a woman guessed Clinton, but, once again, it turned out to be Trump.

Several other people also got the quote wrong.

The third quote said: “It just seems like the economy does better under Democrats than Republicans.”

A young woman guessed Clinton, but it turned out to be Trump in 2004.

"The Canadian health care plan helps Canadians live longer and healthier than Americans," was the fourth quote.

A man and woman from earlier accurately guessed that it was Trump, but another woman guessed Clinton.

“When I started this quiz, most people wrongly picked Hillary," Ratliff told the camera. "But as the quiz went on, they started to figure out it was Trump who was saying all these things that sounded like Hillary. Some were confused by that. Others were concerned. Some people didn’t even care.”

Ratliff asked a couple if it concerned them that Trump has held "Democratic positions" and "still holds some today."

When they didn't mind, Ratliff pushed harder to see if they had a problem with Trump changing his mind on issues.

When they still wouldn't agree with her, Ratliff asked if they thought Trump would make America great again, but they still didn't take her anti-Trump bait.

On CBS News, angry voters told Republican pollster Frank Luntz how they didn't like Trump, Clinton and the other voters.

The fuming focus group was interviewed by Luntz in the Orlando Public Library in Florida.

As he has with focus groups many times before, Luntz asked, "Who's mad as hell?" and they all raised their hands.

"But I'm mad at the voters," a lady said. "I'm mad at the voters. I'm not mad at the candidates. People are voting for them. And I'm angry for the people that settle for sound bites for their information."

Sources: Fox Business, CBS News / Photo credit: Fox Business via Election News/YouTube

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