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New York City 2013 Primary Election Results: Bill de Blasio Impresses, Weiner and Spitzer Collapse

The 2013 New York primaries probably would have received more national attention on Tuesday night had it not been for President Barack Obama’s address on Syria. Despite that, given all of the tabloid-esque coverage that had been devoted to following around disgraced former governor, Eliot Spitzer, and disgraced former congressman, Anthony Weiner, in the lead up, yesterday’s spectacle still got a considerable amount of fanfare on the various news networks.

Putting aside the egomaniacal nymphos who turned the election into a circus, the biggest storylines from Tuesday night are as follows:

- Bill de Blasio getting the nod from voters by such an overwhelming margin speaks to how much Democrats wanted an anti-Bloomberg candidate. This shouldn’t be seen as anything other than what it is: Liberals rebuking everything the current mayor stands for.

- Christine Quinn’s collapse is far more embarrassing than Anthony Weiner’s. Everyone knew that Weiner’s campaign was a joke from the very beginning. Quinn, on the other hand, was supposed to pick up from where Bloomberg left off. Unfortunately, that proved to be her undoing.

- John Catsimatidis won’t be the next mayor of New York, but he’s still an amazingly entertaining character. Put him and Weiner together in a buddy cop show, pronto.

Check out the results from Tuesday’s election below.



Bill de Blasio 40.2 %

William Thompson 26 %

Christine Quinn 15.5 %

John Liu 7 %

Anthony Weiner 4.9 %


Joe Lhota 52.6 %

John Catsimatidis 40.6 %

George McDonald 6.8 %


Scott Stringer 52.2 %

Eliot Spitzer 47.8 %


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