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New Republicans?

Should Democrats switch party's like some Republican voters did before the previous presidential election and muck up the works?

Their efforts may have edged the democratic nomination toward someone they thought unelectable.

Our 44th PresidentBarack Hussein Obama II who I like more, and more every, passing, day.

The one thing they didn't count on was that many Democrats would toe the party line, jokes on them in that respect. Our candidates are mostly Liberal's so the extreme is already there.

Now it's our turn, should we? Republicans can be expected to vote and rally around the most unusual, old, or unexpected.

Now what if their extreme candidate won? That is a possibility If the Democrats don't turn out in large numbers at the polls, which wont be the case I predict for 2012. Possibly a number of republicans voting for the democratic party candidates.

Isn't it a crime to meddle in the elections process?

It would take Organization, before the fact, to suppress the vote of a presidential candidate (Conspiracy)

In my opinion, It would show poor sportsmanship if this were a sport, but shouldn't politics be as fair as a football game?

Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.  ~Robert Frost


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