New Regulations on Gays in Military Will Undercut Morale Opinion by ChristianNewsWire


In response to this posting I emailed the ChristianNewsWire with my reponse to THEIR opinion. The following is my email and the response I got.

My email to CNW:

It disgusts me that you (everyone related to the christiannewswire) do not have the decency to show a little respect and appreciation to the gay men and women who are on the front lines fighting for YOUR freedom. It is sad that someone who might give up their life for you has to fit a certain profile. And this is the Christian perspective.

This is the response that I got:

Bob,   Please stop being so judgmental of our views, we don't appreciate your intolerance.  

Dan McCullough,
Christian Communication Network
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20006

Read the original post and see who is being judgemental and intolerant. This would be funny if it were not a joke, but it is not. I am intolerant and judgemental ? ! ? ! ?


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