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New Poll Suggests More Americans Trust Fox News On Climate Change Than President Obama

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A recent poll conducted by St. Leo University found that more Americans believe Fox News to be a more reliable source on climate change than President Obama.

St. Leo University questioned 1,016 Americans in the poll, which was conducted last month, and the results concluded that 17 percent of participants trusted Fox News on climate change while only 11 percent trusted the President. Twenty-two percent said they trusted other broadcast, print and online outlets “such as CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Associated Press, New York Times.”

Forty-five percent of the poll’s participants, however, said they trust nongovernment scientists and experts on the issue of climate change, while only 13 percent trust the government.

The poll also asked participants how concerned they were about climate change, with 73 percent – 57 percent of Republicans and 88 percent of Democrats – saying they’re “somewhat” or “very” concerned.

The poll comes following years of criticism towards Fox News about its views on global warming. The network has, in the past, referred to climate change as a “superstition,” a “scam,” and a “hoax.” Fox News contributors have also claimed that climate change was only something that “corrupt” scientists believed in. President Obama has also endured his fair share of criticism for what the Huffington Post described as an “all of the above” energy policy.

Sources: Huffington Post, St. Leo University / Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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