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New Poll Shows Trump And Biden Matchup Tightening, Voters' Enthusiasm Hits New High

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According to a new CNN poll, which was conducted by SSRS, Joe Biden’s lead has significantly narrowed since June, despite him maintaining an advantage over Trump on a number of top issues.

50% of registered voters expressed their support for Biden and Kamala Harris, while 46% support the Trump-Pence ticket. Results from across 15 battleground states shows that Biden has the support of 49% of the registered voters, while Trump has 48%.

Changes in the poll results since June have been concentrated among men (split about evenly in June, but changed to 56% for Trump and 40% Biden), those ages between 35 and 64 (leaning towards Trump now, but were Biden supporters in June) and independents (Biden had a 52% to 41% lead in June, but it's now a near even 46% Biden to Trump’s 45%).

In June, 8% of Republicans or Republican-leaning independents stated that they would vote Biden, but now that figure is just 4%. Trump has also boosted his support among conservatives from 76% to 85%.

However, the survey showed that Trump supporters are a bit more likely to state that they could change their minds by November (12%) than Biden's supporters (7%).

Many voters say their choice of candidate is more about Trump than it is about Biden. About 6 in 10 maintain that they support their candidate because of their view of Trump (29% say that they are voting Biden to oppose Trump, 30% are voting for Trump because they support him), while only 32% state that Biden is their deciding factor (19% support Biden, 13% are voting to oppose him).

Overall, 54% state that they disapprove of the way Trump is handling his role as president, while 42% approve.

Trump's favorability rating is still low nationally (43% see him favorably and 55% unfavorably), worse than Biden's 46% favorable to 47% unfavorable even split. In the battleground states, voters' views on Trump and Biden are almost even: 52% have an unfavorable opinion of Biden, 54% of Trump. Both are viewed favorably by 45% in those states.

Harris joins the Biden ticket with narrow positive favorability rating (41% favorable, 38% unfavorable), an improvement since May when only 32% of Americans stated that they had a positive view of her and 33% a negative view.

Biden selecting Harris has been rated as excellent or pretty good by the majority (52%), and 57% state that it reflects favorably on Biden's ability to make important presidential decisions. Most say that she is qualified to be president should it be necessary (57%), and a majority, 62%, maintain that her selection doesn’t much effect on their vote. However, people of color are more likely than white people to state that her selection has made them more likely to vote Biden (28% for people of color, 18% for whites).

At least 40% of voters believe that issues of economy, coronavirus, health care, gun policy and race relations are extremely important, but there are large gaps between the voters on the importance of these issues. 70% of Biden voters state that the coronavirus is critically important compared to 24% of Trump voters. 57% of Trump supporters rate the economy as extremely important, compared to 37% of Biden voters. 57% of Biden supporters maintain that health care and race relations are extremely important, compared to about 1 in 5 Trump supporters (20% on health care, 22% on race relations).

Sources: America Now

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