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Scott Walker's Approval Drops In Wisconsin

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A new poll revealed that Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin might not be as popular in his home state as he once was.

The poll, conducted by Marquette Law School, showed Walker’s approval rating down to 41 percent – the lowest approval rating on record for the governor in three years. Fifty-six percent of Wisconsin resident surveyed said they disapproved of Walker’s job performance, according to the poll.

Marquette’s survey didn’t just come with bad news for the governor. Forty percent of Republicans and Independents in the state said they would vote for Walker in the 2016 presidential race. Rand Paul followed with 10 percent support, Jeb Bush landed behind him with eight percent, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie tied at six percent, as did Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson with five percent of the vote.

Should Walker win the Republican nomination, a race against Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin might prove more difficult. According to the poll, Walker trailed Clinton by 12 points – 52 to 40 percent – amongst those surveyed.

The Marquette poll was conducted among 803 registered voters in Wisconsin between April 7 and 10.

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