New Poll Shows Growing Opposition To Iran Nuclear Deal


A poll released on July 29 found that support for the Iran nuclear deal is declining. 

The survey, conducted by Secure America Now — a group opposed to President Barack Obama’s deal with Iran — showed 65 percent of overall voters oppose the deal, with more opposition coming from Republicans. The poll surveyed 800 voters, reports The Weekly Standard.

Despite Republicans being more opposed to the deal, Democrats are also becoming increasingly critical of the agreement. 

“There’s some real message for Democratic senators here,” Democratic pollster Pat Caddell, who helped run the survey, told The Hill. “Which is why so many of them I think feel caught, and they rightly should, in between the arguments.”

While many Democrats agree with a number of arguments that the Obama administration presented to support the deal, just 51 percent of them said they felt the deal “makes America safer and more secure.”

Of Democrats, 47 percent said they think lawmakers should vote to support the agreement. 

“I think in the next five weeks, as we go through August and into September, it’s going to get worse,” Caddell said. “There’s a consistency to the movement."

Sources: The Weekly Standard, The Hill / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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