NRA Ad Takes Aim At Americans Who Oppose Trump (Video)

NRA Ad Takes Aim At Americans Who Oppose Trump (Video) Promo Image

An ad released by the National Rifle Association in April is now causing outrage (video below).

DeRay McKesson, one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter‏, posted the ad and tweeted: "This NRA ad is an open call to violence to protect white supremacy. If I made a video like this, I'd be in jail."

Anne Applebaum‏, a conservative writer for The Washington Post, tweeted: "Watch this NRA recruitment video: calls on real Americans to arm themselves to fight liberals. Violence is coming."

CNN contributor Sally Kohn tweeted: "In ad FOR THE NRA, [Dana Loesch] accuses left of 'violence of lies' & calls for fighting back with 'clenched fist of truth.' Just wow."

In the ad, Loesch takes takes aim at Americans who protest against President Donald Trump, journalists, Hollywood producers, public school employees, former President Barack Obama and others:

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They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another [Adolf] Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance.

All to make them march, make them protest, make them scream racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia. To smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law-abiding -- until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.

And when that happens, they'll use it as an excuse for their outrage. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth. I'm the National Rifle Association of America, and I'm freedom's safest place.

In response to the outrage over the ad, Loesch appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show to express her own outrage, notes

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There's no racial component in this. The reaction to this is insane, Tucker. I’m talking over video clips that show actual leftist violence, rioting, property damage, arson, physical assault, and apparently me condemning violence is what's inciting and dividing America, not people like DeRay McKesson.

Loesh then held up a logo which she called the logo of the "resistance" movement:

It's the goofiest thing ever. It's incredibly clear. When I say "clenched fist of truth." This is their logo. I can't believe I have to spell it out. I guess [for] people who read with pictures. The "clenched fist of truth" is just word play. I'm talking about fighting violence with truth because truth wins out all the time. And apparently that's bad when you show the left … when you hold up a mirror and show them their reflection, they freak out.

Loesh then expressed her anger over a tweet by Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, which read: "I think the [NRA] is telling people to shoot us. Now might be the right time to cancel your membership."

Loesh insisted that she wasn't telling anyone to engage in violence or pick up a gun, and scolded Murphy's tweet for being "reckless and irresponsible." Loesh insisted that Murphy "should rethink his word choice."

Loesch tried to link Murphy to the congressional baseball shooting, and added: "This has to stop, and I’m not going to stop condemning violence and it’s a shame that other people on the left won’t do the same."

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