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New Mexico Tea Party Patriots Leader: Blacks Should Stop 'Bitching And Moaning' About Slavery (Video)

A leader of the Lincoln County Tea Party Patriots of New Mexico has caused controversy with a meme she tweeted Wednesday that suggests blacks use the history of slavery in America for "bitching and moaning about how the world owes them a living."

It has since gone viral.

Glynis Racine tweeted the following and then deleted it shortly thereafter on her Twitter account, @LCNMTP:

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Racine tweeted the picture on the 148th anniversary of the end of slavery.

According to The Huffington Post, the tweet references Irish who were enslaved in the 17th and 18th centuries, claiming they were “treated worse than any other race” and what seems to be an attempt to minimize the enslavement of African-Americans.

After the post was made public, many took to Twitter to express their feelings. One user replied, “Paging @YesYoureRacist.”

Another user said, “I’m sure the Irish bitch about it all the time. But, they’re usually so loaded you can’t understand what they’re saying.”

ProgressNow also criticized Racine’s tweet in a press release.

“In an apparent attempt to contribute to our modern understanding of American history, the tea party leader reminds followers that early American slavery included African and non-African people alike,” wrote the group. “But her quest for ‘facts’ includes her own assertion that all African-Americans are ‘bitching and moaning’ about how the world owes them a living.”

“Glynis is exactly the type of fear mongering leader Fox News and the conservative movement push to the front of their movement,” said Patrick Davis of Progress Now New Mexico. “They shouldn’t be surprised they are having a hard time recruiting blacks, Hispanics or reasonable people of any color to their side.”

Even though Racine deleted the tweet, she defended herself by saying, “Slavery is a black mark on American history, but it’s time to move on.”


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