New Mexico GOP Uses James Foley Execution Video in Campaign Ad (Video)

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A new campaign ad produced by the New Mexico Republican Party for U.S. Senate Candidate Allen Weh features the masked ISIS terrorist from the gruesome execution video of reporter James Foley.

The ad (video below) tries to claim that President Obama was happily golfing and vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard while various acts of violence took place, noted Talking Points Memo.

The ad fails to mention that many Republican presidents have golfed or participated in similar activities in war time and during crises. The ad also fails to mention the thousands of Americans killed on 9/11 during President Bush's watch.

While Foley doesn't appear in the campaign video, the masked ISIS killer is shown holding a knife.

Weh is running against U.S Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.), who leads by double digits per recent polling, notes CNN.

“To change Washington, you must change your Senator. Restore Leadership,” states the ad at the end.

Sources: CNN, Talking Points Memo


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