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New Jersey Woman's Obituary Asks Mourners To Not Vote For Hillary Clinton

One New Jersey woman has a special request from beyond the grave: Stop Hillary Clinton.

“In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton,” Elaine Fydrych asked mourners at the end of her obituary, reports CBS Philly.

The native of Philadelphia, passed away in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, on Aug. 13, aged 63. Her distinctive obituary published in the South Jersey Times exemplified her humor, even in death. According to her biography, Fydrych loved theater, acting and comedy, The Huffington Post reports.

“She was a natural at comedy and her standup act was part of a Comcast local comic special in 2008,” the obituary read.

No reports yet if Fydrych’s support laid with Clinton’s fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont or with one of the Republican candidates.

Nonetheless, Fydrych’s wishes may just come true. According to recent polls, Clinton continues to lose ground to Sanders.

In the most recent CNN/ORC national poll, Clinton still took the lead with 47 percent of Democratic or Democratic-leaning voters, while Sanders earned 29 percent. In the same poll last month, Clinton had 56 percent and Sanders 19 percent. Additionally, the poll revealed that 53 percent of Democrats think Vice President Joe Biden should jump into the race, reports Politico.

In a hypothetical matchup against Republican candidate Donald Trump, Clinton still came out on top, but with slightly less of a lead. This month, Clinton earned 51 percent to beat out Trump’s 45 percent, while in July she had a 56 percent advantage to Trump’s 40 percent, Politico documents.

This slight decrease in popularity for Clinton could be attributed to her recent email controversy, which led to the discovery that Clinton held classified emails on a private server, Politico reports.

Some criticize Clinton’s campaign for lack of policy clarity. For example, in answering a question on the Keystone XL Pipeline last month, Clinton refused to give a definite position and responded, "If it's undecided when I become president, I will answer your question," The Huffington Post documents.

Yet, as Julian Boggs, the director of Environment America's global warming program, noted, "Bernie Sanders will be loud and bold, and he will be specific. Specificity is always helpful."

Sources: CBS Philly, The Huffington Post(2), Politico / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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