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New Jersey Poll For 2016 Shows Residents Favoring Hillary Clinton Over Chris Christie

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A Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows Hillary Clinton being favored for president in 2016 over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Clinton garnered 58 percent of the vote in the poll, released Feb. 17, while Christie took 35 percent. The poll asked voters who they would prefer to see as president, but it also asked whether or not Clinton had the “right look,” “right demeanor” and “right experience” to be the leader of the U.S. Around 47 percent of voters said she had the look, 50 percent said she had the right demeanor and 68 percent were confident that she had the experience to satisfactorily hold office.

In a significant shift from Christie’s 2013 reelection campaign, in which 32 percent of Democrats supported another term for the Republican governor, only 8 percent said they would vote for him in a presidential election. The poll was conducted with 694 New Jersey voters, Feb. 3 -10.

The poll, which also showed Clinton leading over governors Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, indicates the country is ready for a woman president.

“In January 2008, a CNN poll found Americans more 'ready' for a black president than a woman,” Rutgers University political science professor David Redlawsk said. “Fast forward seven years and New Jerseyans, at least, have little doubt that the country is now ready for a woman president.”

Sources: Politico, Newsmax / Photo Credit: AP via Politico


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