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New Jersey Lawmaker Apologizes For Facebook Post: 'Rot In Hell Muslim Scum'

Republican City Councilman Ed Gore of Hamilton, New Jersey, wrote an angry Facebook post on July 16, the day of the shootings of U.S. service members by suspect Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Gore reportedly wrote on Facebook, "Murdering bastard. Rot in hell Muslim scum."

When a Facebook commenter told Gore to not hold back, Gore replied, “Oh I never hold back on domestic terrorists.”

Gore explained his posting on July 22 during an interview with The Trentonian News: “Certainly I don’t mean all Muslims are scum. If I offended any Muslims, I am sorry. I would certainly hope all Muslims would join me in condemning the murder of innocent Americans anywhere in the world.”

“I am not some type of anti-Muslim kook,” Gore added. “I wish I would have clarified it more and am sorry if I offended anybody. I want to let people know it was the emotion of the time. You think with your head and not with your heart.”

Imam Qareeb Bashir, who heads the Islamic Council of Greater Trenton and is a co-chairperson of the United Mercer Interfaith Organization, said he was “appalled and really disappointed in the comments made by someone who is an elected official, a representative of the people, that he would use such derogatory labels for groups of people.”

“I would say the religion of Islam does not promote violence or the killing of innocent people,” Bashir added.

Gore compared his reaction to the shooting to his emotional response to an attack by the Irish Republican Army in 1979.

“I said they were murdering Irish Catholic bastards,” Gore stated. notes that Gore didn't post any Facebook notes about the fatal shooting of nine African-Americans in South Carolina, but did mourn the death of pro-wrestler Dusty Rhodes and posted happy birthday wishes for the late Moe Howard of "Three Stooges" fame who died in 1975.

Sources: The Trentonian News, / Photo credit: Facebook Screenshot


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