New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Yells 'Bullsh*t' at Sand Dune Opponents (Video)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke at a town hall meeting on Tuesday on Long Beach Island, where he pushed back against property owners who do not want the government building sand dunes along New Jersey's shore to protect against storms such as Hurricane Sandy (video below).

According to Associated Press, some of the coastal homeowners won't sign easements giving federal and state government officials permission to erect the sand dunes.

"I have no interest in taking your property," Gov. Christie said. "I have no interest in building anything other than a dune. I don't want to build a road, I don't want to build a shower, I don't want to build a hut. Any knucklehead neighbor of yours that says: 'Oh, Christie comes in, there's going to be showers, a bathroom, a hot dog stand.'"

"Let me use a word that is indelicate. And there are some children here, I see one, cover your ears. Bullsh*t! Okay? That’s what that is.”

After the crowd applauded, Gov. Christie said: “That’s the excuse they use. Here’s why they’re really concerned: They don’t want their view blocked. We are building these dunes, okay? We are building these dunes whether you consent or not,” reports Mediaite.com.

Gov. Christie reminded the crowd about the 360,000 homes and apartments destroyed, as well the $37 billion in damage from Hurricane Sandy.

"We are not going through that again so you can sit on the first floor rather than the second floor and see the ocean," added Gov. Christie.

Under eminent domain, private property can be seized by the government for public use purpose, after compensation is paid.

Sources: Mediaite.com and Associated Press


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