New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Signs Bill Allowing Children Access to Medical Marijuana

Sick New Jersey children will now be able to access edible medical marijuana, after Gov. Chris Christie signed a measure into law Tuesday allowing the so-called “pot for tots” measure.

Qualifying minors would need the permission of a psychiatrist and physician, as well as parent approval, before obtaining the drug.

The program itself is intentionally difficult to enroll in, and few doctors choose to participate.

Christie vetoed a similar bill in August, vowing to sign a revised version that allowed the drug to be administered only to minors with multiple forms of approval.

He added that his main concern was indirectly allowing access to marijuana for people who were not medically in need of it, which would lead the program down “a slippery slope.”

“I’m pleased the legislature accepted my recommendations so that suffering children can get the treatment they need,” Christie said.

While medical marijuana advocates and the state assembly are both pleased with the new law, director of the Drug Free Schools Coalition David Evans said the program is a bad idea.

“Any action to approve or promote the use of raw marijuana as a medicine is reckless public policy,” Evans said.

Brian and Meghan Wilson of Union City, whose 2-year-old epileptic daughter did not react to anti-seizure medicine, originally proposed the bill and argued that medical marijuana could save her life.

Sources: CNN, The Huffington Post


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