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New Hampshire Rep. Kyle Tasker Says He Doesn't Think Black Women Make Bad Mothers

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New Hampshire Republican state legislator, Kyle Tasker, said on Tuesday he does not think black women are unfit parents, despite his recent Facebook post stating otherwise.

On Monday, as noted by the The Huffington Post, Tasker posted a video of black woman getting into an argument on a bus, throwing her baby to someone and tackling a passenger. In the post, radio host, Tommy Sotomayor, called black women the worst mothers on the planet, though Tasker insisted he was not interested in that part of the footage.

“I think that one particular woman is the least fit to raise a child," Tasker said. "I don’t think age, sex or socioeconomic background have any correlation on parenting ability.”

Despite his denial of any agreement with Sotomayor’s opinion, New Hampshire Democrats have jumped at the chance to denounce Tasker,

“Representative Tasker’s comments are offensive and shameful,” said state Democratic Party spokesperson Harrell Kirstein. “He is an embarrassment to the New Hampshire House of Representatives, to his constituents and to the entire state.”

Kirstein added that Tasker’s comments were not an isolated incident, condemning the New Hampshire GOP’s recent association with radical tea party notions.

In 2011, Tasker posed a hypothetical question on the House Republican Caucus’ Facebook page asking whether he should be blamed for shooting a police officer who pointed a weapon at him. According to Fosters, at the time lawmakers were considering a deadly force bill, and Tasker insisted that he posted the question merely to begin intelligent discussion.

In 2012, Tasker dropped one of his guns on the floor at a legislative committee hearing, claiming to be “a little loopy” after having given blood. 

Sources: The Huffington Post, Fosters


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