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New Hampshire Newspapers Endorse Ron Paul, Shun Romney

Mitt Romney may be the alleged frontrunner in New Hampshire and is something of a local boy, but he is not feeling the love from the state's newspapers. Three publications on Thursday threw their support behind Ron Paul.

The Littleton Courier, Berlin Reporter, and Coos County Democrat all endorsed Paul. This follows the Union Leader, the state's largest newspaper, endorsing Newt Gingrich last November.

The newspapers, which are all owned by the same company, wrote:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has been in the lead for months, but voters still seem desperate for an alternative — there’s always another candidate pulling stronger or almost as strong numbers in the polls. Voters have lost faith in Obama, but they are not sold on Romney to replace him.

That replacement should be Paul:

(He) has never voted to raise a tax and voted against all of the bailouts that have riled up Tea Partiers and Occupy Wall Streeters alike.

His prediction that the United States can no longer afford the economic cost of our overseas commitments makes many Republicans uncomfortable, possibly by the very truth of the assertion.

For decades he has been that rare sort of politician who speaks what he believes to be the truth and doesn’t flutter in the wind of public opinion. That could not be said of Obama or Romney.

Powerful leaders like Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan change the political landscape. This is what Ron Paul would do for our country and why we support him.


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