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New Hampshire Likely To Repeal Anti-Adultery Law

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Although cheating on a spouse is largely considered a moral misstep, it’s not typically considered a breach of the law. In New Hampshire, however, adultery is currently a class B misdemeanor that can lead to fines up to $1,200. The antiquated law, of course, is rarely enforced. Still, lawmakers in the state are expected to pass a new bill that would repeal the law. 

According to Newser, the bill to repeal the statute was introduced by Rep. Tim O’Flaherty (D) and easily passed in the state House of Representatives. 

“I don’t think there’s any appetite in New Hampshire to use police powers to enforce a marriage,” O’Flaherty said during a recent hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

If the bill passes the Senate, Gov. Maggie Hassan is likely to sign it into law. 

Tthe law has been in place in New Hampshire for over 200 years but hasn’t been enforced for over 10 years. According to the Washington Post, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled in 2003 that homosexual adultery could not be covered by the law, as it was written to cover “intercourse from which spurious issues may arise,” such as disputes involving children conceived during affairs. 

If New Hampshire repeals the law, it will follow the path of Colorado, which repealed a similar law last year.


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